Totara Road WWTP Lift Pump Upgrade

Totara Road WWTP Lift Pump Upgrade

Contract Value: $350K
Palmerston North City
  • Contact: Jaques Mik
    Wastewater Activity Manager PNCC
    021 197 5144

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Totara Road WWTP Lift Pump Upgrade 3
Totara Road WWTP Lift Pump Upgrade 2
Totara Road WWTP Lift Pump Upgrade

Max Tarr Industrial were awarded contract 3891 for upgrading 2 of the 4 lift pumps at Palmerston North City Councils Totara Road WWTP.  This project was a design build contract with Max Tarr working with PNCC and Mott MacDonald to develop a cost-effective solution to upgrading the pumping capacity of each pump from 500L/s to 750+L/s.

The lifts pumps are critical to the WWTP operation as all incoming wastewater is pumped through these pumps. This meant we had to work in a timely fashion and minimise any disruption to the plant operations.

The scope of work covered design, fabrication, supply, installation, and commissioning of the pump pipework supports and ancillary equipment and installation of free issues pumps and motors. The pumps are 18” Goulds 3180 XL 18×18-22 and the motors were custom built 120kW CEG XNP motors. The motors were supplied to PNCC by Max Tarr under a separate contract.

The work included the following items:

Design of pump installation and pipework to fit within the constraints of the existing pump room and minimise the impact of poor suction conditions on the pump. These meant we had to come up with a solution of modifying the existing cast in CLS suction pipe, while improving the suction conditions and ensuring minimal downtime for the pump being replaced.

Modification of suction pipework including breaking out and hydro-demolition of the existing concrete plinth and floor area, installing new sections of suction pipework and recoating with a ceramic coating.

Construction of new plinth and mounts for the much larger pumps.

Installation of the new free issued pumps and motors including supplying and installing new drive shafts.

Installation of new sections of discharge pipework including specialty polymer coatings to internals of pipework.

Installation of SS316 baffles to the intakes of the suction pipework to reduce vortexes and flow disruptions.

Commissioning of pumps

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