PNCC – Papaioea Park UV upgrade

PNCC – Papaioea Park UV upgrade

Contract Value: $310K
Palmerston North

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Max Tarr Industrial (MTI)’s core business is focused on Potable & Waste water treatment plants, and has had the same focus for the past 20+ years all around the country. Over these years we have observed a large improvement in the DWSNZ and have aligned our values with this standard as we have also grown with the industry.

Max Tarr was awarded this contract in 2019 as the main contractor responsible for a new 45m² UV building which was supplied and installed by Coresteel (same provider for Sanson WTP building). Inside this building was home to 2x new Wedeco 450NB Spektron 650e UV reactors on a duty/standby configuration. Reticulation and pipeworks include the relocation of the existing 300NB RPZ to go inside the building.


A reconfiguration of existing bore pipework to accommodate the new UV system as well as modification or existing plinths and manholes to suit the new building.

The Plant is now managing all 3x effectively and providing potable water to the public of Palmerston North.

We redesigned the pipework to meet DWSNZ while incorporating a compact functional layout within the limited real-estate available. The CAD drawings and design was all completed inhouse using Solidworks, which also provided the As-Built drawings as the contract approached completion.

Later in the piece PNCC engaged us to incorporate some actuated valves on the UV outlets as well as introducing an additional NRV to provide further protection on the Bore #3 pipeline.

Electrical works included a new Switchboard, Lighting, UV controls, Turbidity & UVT monitoring, as well as a SCADA/telemetry system to integrate into PNCC’s existing system.

Lastly MTI introduced a perimeter fence as well as tying the new building into the existing layout with a lockable gate with a key system that matched their existing.

In essence, a turn-key solution. Works completed on time & on budget.


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