PNCC Ngahere park – Auto-shutoff Valves

PNCC Ngahere park – Auto-shutoff Valves

Contract Value: $410K
Palmerston North City

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PNCC engaged Max Tarr to install new electrically actuated valves and an automated control system on their main reservoir at their Ngahere Reservoir Site. The system is used to automatically isolate the reservoir if an earthquake, or high flows are detected. This ensures a backup supply of water that can be trucked to the city, if required after a large earthquake that has damaged infrastructure. This work required careful coordination and planning as we were isolating and working on one of the most critical water supply pipes in the city. We worked closely with PNCC to coordinate these works while minimising disruptions to their water supply.

The work comprises the following components:

1 x 750NB butterfly valve with Rotork electric actuator

Retrofit 1 x Rotork electric actuator to existing 750NB butterfly valve

Install new 600NB flow meter including new flow meter chamber and pipework

Connect new pipework into existing pipework

Install new flow switch for detecting backflow from reservoir

Install new control system, including battery backup power supply

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