NPDC – Waitara Milliscreen Refurbishment

NPDC – Waitara Milliscreen Refurbishment

Contract Value: $100K

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NPDC engaged Max Tarr to initially undertake a condition assessment of an older Rotoshear Milliscreen at their Waitara Wastewater Pump Station that had been out of service for a few years. We completed the inspection and provided a condition assessment and recommendations for bringing the screen back into service. Included in our recommendations were some improvements to be made to their 2 other newer Contrashear Milliscreens to get the incoming flows balanced and allow for easier maintenance on the sparge spray system. NPDC then engaged us to undertake our recommended works which included the improvements to the Contrashear Milliscreen.

The work comprises the following components:

  • Site Inspection, condition reporting and improvement recommendations for the Rotoshear Milliscreen and Contrashear Milliscreen
  • Removal of Rotoshear Milliscreen and transport back to our Palmerston North Workshop
  • Design and fabrication of new support frame based on existing frame.
  • Design and manufacture new trunnion wheels
  • Replace front and rear drum ends and repair wedgewire drum
  • Replace drive motor and gearbox including new chain and sprockets
  • Supply and install new automatic oiler system
  • Replace drum stabiliser
  • Replace sparge spray nozzles and repair sparge covers
  • Lower internal weir level
  • Reinstall Rotoshear Milliscreen

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