Sanson WTP

Sanson WTP

Contract Value: $1M
Fagan Street - Sanson
  • Max Tarr Representative: Nick Reid
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  • MDC Representative: Michael Taylor
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IMG 20190902 074639
full on frontal action
Chemfeed CL Dosing board
Bore head action 50 mm
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20190321 135205
50mm Bore head
50mm Bore head 2

Max Tarr Industrial were awarded the design & build contract for the new Sanson WTP by the Manawatu District Council. MTI contracted Cardno for the Design of the project, which was reviewed and approved by MDC. MTI contracted several subtrades however completed the majority of works in-house.

The work included the following items:

A new building complete with bathroom, controls room, switchboard room with the remaining area filled with Water treatment equipment & reticulation.

The majority of internal pipework & supports were fabricated by MTI from Stainless 316 Sch10, supported with CPVC connections for the chemical components including dosing board which was supplied and installed by Chemfeed; who also supplied the Prominent UV reactor which MTI installed.

The chlorine supply was stored in a separate dangerous chemical building nearby with suitable ventilation and handling classifications as per HSNO requirements.

The bore connection was carried out by MTI using a S/S 316 Manifold which included a flow meter, Bore pump, level sensors, air relief valve, pressure gauge, RPZ, isolation valves and supports.

The installation included the bore concrete pad which has fall away from the bore-head as well as a protective lockable cage. Reservoir connections were also S/S 316

Reticulation & Booster pumps, flow meters, Sand Filtration unit, back-up Generator. SCADA & Telemetry for the system was included within the scope which was executed by control box. Other works included stormwater and sewer connections.

Commissioning was directed by Lutra and carried out by MTI & Control box with MDC’s operational assistance. Test on completion and after completion took place, during commissioning some bore water issues were identified where MTI worked with MDC and Lutra to resolve these with a cost effective and time efficient solution.

Unfortunately, not all of this project was time efficient and MTI Largely missed the promised completion date due to a combination of management issues, wet weather and resourcing as well as working to an unrealistic programme of works that we had set for ourselves.

Fortunately, the contract was brought back into a state of control once some of the management issues were resolved. We took away quite a few learnings from this contract, which will make the next contract run much more smoothly.

Once the physical works of the contract were completed, the documentation followed shortly after including draft as-builts & maintenance manuals were submitted, reviewed, amended and finally accepted by MDC.

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