KCDC – Otaki WWTP LDTA Upgrade

KCDC – Otaki WWTP LDTA Upgrade

Contract Value: $490K

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The scope of work covered fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning of a new automated irrigation system as part of the LDTA Upgrade.

The work included the following items:

Installation of two (2) new effluent pumps (including associated base connection, guiderails, and lifting chain) to replace existing pumps.

Supply and installation of new Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) to suit the new pumps.

Supply and installation of a new OD315 HDPE PN10 header pipe (approximately 400 m long), and tie-in to the existing pump discharge pipe from the pump house.

Supply and installation of 18 valving arrangements for each lateral, from the header pipe, including isolation valve, pneumatically actuated valve and pressure instruments on each. Each valving arrangement is mounted on a new concrete slab.

Design, supply and installation of complete pneumatic system for valve operation including: compressor, receiver and solenoid bank.

Modifying the instrumentation, switchboard, control panel and SCADA control of the effluent pump station and new pneumatically actuated valves to accommodate the new operating regime.

Demolition of the existing three (3) concrete chambers, which includes the central headrace receiving chamber, and the chambers at each end of the existing header pipe.

Supply and installation of a new discharge flow meter.

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